The prototype of the Jstone.Italian restaurant comes from a small town near Naples, in the south of Italy. The local people are keen to make natural herbs into a cooking material, which is used to taste delicious food in south of Italy. We uphold this tradition, the selection of fresh and quality ingredients, making authentic Italian cuisine. Now, Jstone. had 2 brands of restaurant‘ITALIAN RESTAURANT’ &‘GRILL & LOUNGE’.


从意大利到中国经营传统意大利菜多年,无论食材市场怎么变化,Jstone始终坚持使用高品质高新鲜度的食材;始终坚持尊重食材本身而不破坏其原汁原味;始终坚持做好每一件细小的事情,这三个坚持让Jstone品牌的价值不断提升 并选取新鲜上等食材,全心全意烹制好每一道佳肴。

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