“JSTONE. ITALIAN KITCHEN & BAR” The brand is committed to adhering to the tradition of Italian cuisine. We select fresh and good ingredients, adopted the Neapolitan traditional cooking method, only seasoning with sea salt and black pepper, and extract the essence of natural herb for delicate fragrance. Whether it is weekday lunch, wine dinner or weekend brunch.

We have everything. Not only that, Jstone will design exquisite wine cellars in every restaurant for the collection of fine wines from Tuscany, Sicily and other regions, as well as unique Piedmont barolo, barbaresco and other DOCG-level wines.

Jstone keen to traditional Italian food is incorporated in the dining environment of light and decorations, XIANGYANG PARK BRANCH has a clever mix of industrial and impressionist paintings, it`s an amazing success. Now, we have a new concept for Century Link 5 floor, "BRASS" element, it is Jsone Italian Kitchen & bar “Century Link Branch”, its dedicated to bring a refreshing Italian cuisine experience, walk inside, brass elements circle around, crisscrossed with the brass ceiling, coconut grey floor, simple solid wood table and crystal wine glasses, create a cozy dining atmosphere, the little candle light just add a refined for the people coming for dinner.

Also a new concept for SHIMAO 52+ branch, “Chinese Blue and White Porcelain” element,  it has blue and white porcelain wallpaper and blue and white porcelain vase, marble landscape painting. Enjoying Italian food in this environment is a special feeling.

In Jstone Italian Kitchen & Bar, Roman hand-made pizza with a thin crust and crispy side is an Italian traditional food, that has been preserved from Italy to Shanghai for many years, the pizza sauce made from fresh tomato mixed with pure natural herbs, we selected imported mozzarella cheese, rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and calcium and low in calories, we used Italian pizza oven to bake our crispy pizza.

About steak,  Jstone cooperated with Gippsland ranch in Australia, always adhere to selected healthy Angus cattle, to absorb balanced nutritients, the cattle is grain-fed during the last 200days of life, the absorption of nutrients transform into high-quality marbling, texture clear, succulent meat. The bone in rib eye 600 grams is the most famous of Australian steaks, based on a rib, and after being aged 21 days, cooked it to medium rare is at it‘best, guests feel plentiful juice on the lips, the surface layer of beef is brown seared, layer upon layer release attractive fragrance, After being cut, can find beautiful pink and tender color. The color, aroma and taste are all bursting out. It is the most irresistible temptation. The ribs of a mature cattle can be cut into 7 pieces only, so it needs to be booked in advance everyday. Meanwhile, Australian Wagyu beef sirloin is another good and high level steak, just simply grilled, marble fat oil began to melt and distribute evenly in the meat, smelling a sweet butter flavor, texture smooth, white marble oil structure, no nerves, the meat melt in your mouth, like snowflakes fall into the mouth, the juice is like a thick stock, it is worth noting that even without sauce, it is also delicious.





 Jstone.热衷于将意大利传统美食融入轻奢艺术感的用餐环境之中,既襄阳公园店工业风和印象派油画的巧妙混搭成功后,如今在浦东大陆家嘴地段世纪汇广场五楼设计出ART DECO艺术风格的餐厅,步入里间,古铜元素环绕四周,纵横交错的铜管穹顶,椰子灰的地板,简洁的实木餐桌和水晶酒杯营造出轻奢艺术的用餐氛围,点点烛光的衬托正好为来此用餐的人们增添一份雅致情调,世纪汇店致力于为申城食客带来耳目一新的意大利美食体验。另外有一种全新元素运用在了世茂52+店,那就是中式青花瓷古风,店内青花瓷的墙纸,青花瓷的花瓶,大理石山水画,在中国古风环境中品尝着意大利美食,这是一种全新的西餐体验。









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