JSTONE. STEAK HOUSE is located on the 2nd floor of Shanghai Purple Mountain Hotel. It is an American style prime Steak House operated by JSTONE. GROUP.  Its customers are mainly elite executives, celebrities and steak super fans. It is also a holy place for marriage proposals and anniversaries.


Into the interior, simple red-brown tables and chairs and white tablecloth create an elegant dining atmosphere. The light projected by the old-fashioned table lamp just adds an elegant atmosphere to the people who come here for dinner. There is nothing more elegant than this in this dating restaurant.


The restaurant also has a wine cellar. Wines are produced in famous Italian producing areas, such as Tuscany, Piemont, Veneto, etc. It is most suitable to match prime angus steak. Landscape attic is decorated with various wine bottles. On the wall are famous wine labels collected by the founder during his travels in Italy, and they are made into ornamental posters, like a red wine art corridor.

JSTONE.STEAK HOUSE位于上海紫金山大酒店2楼,是JSTONE.GROUP经营的高级美式牛排馆,客户群多为精英高管、社会名流及牛排粉,也是求婚及纪念日的圣地。



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